The Effect of Sugar on your Teeth

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to talk all things sugar! Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell that you’re not allowed any chocolate this weekend, but we will give you some tips on how to prevent decay and cavities forming!

Most of us have been told from a young age that sugar is harmful to our teeth, but do we know why? Oral bacteria feed on the sugars you consume and become acids that can dissolve and cause damage to our teeth!

Here are our five quick tips on how to minimise the negative effects of sugar on your teeth:

1. Drink plenty of water while you’re eating your sweets. This will help to neutralise any acids produced.

2. Swish water in your mouth afterward. Not only will this help with neutralising acids, it will also help to dislodge any sweets stuck in your teeth.

3. Don’t snack all day. If you are going to eat sugary products and expose your teeth to acids, it is better to do so in one sitting rather than snacking throughout the day or over a longer period of time.

4. Wait to brush. It is better to wait at least half an hour after eating sweets to brush or floss your teeth so that you are less likely to brush with acids produced and end up wearing away at the enamel of your teeth.

5. Beware of sticky candies and chocolate bars. It’s these types that can get stuck in your teeth and eat away at the enamel.

And #6….Enjoy your long weekend and have a happy Easter!

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