Mouthguards Matter!

5 million teeth are knocked out each year, many of these are due to sporting injuries.

Don’t become a statistic this season and book in to get a custom-fitted mouthguard! A direct impact to the front of your face with no mouthguard can fracture your front teeth, or even knock one or more of them out. A hit to your lower jaw can slam your jaws together, not only putting a huge amount of stress on your teeth, which may cause cracks and breaks but it can also cause jaw fractures, damage joints or result in concussion.

Sporting injuries account for almost 40% of dental trauma in kids

If you have braces or your child is an orthodontic patient, the trauma from a sporting injury can not only damage teeth but also the sensitive soft tissue inside the mouth.

How Do Mouthguards Work?

Mouthguards are similar to airbags.  They work by absorbing the impact and dispersing the pressure around the material of the mouthguard, rather than throughout your teeth and jaw. Because of this, wearing a mouthguard can drastically reduce the chances of incurring an injury such as knocked out teeth or a concussion.

Custom-fitted mouthguards are the best option when it comes to protection against trauma and concussion. Studies have shown that custom-fitted mouthguards reduce your chance of concussion by more than 50%. There are many other benefits of custom-fitted mouthguards in comparison to regular, store-bought versions, including;

  • Less bulky shape and appearance
  • Easier to speak while wearing
  • Easier to breathe while wearing
  • Very durable
  • Range of custom colours to choose from

How Do I Get a Custom-Fitted Mouthguard?

Simply book into an Aim Dental practice and we will take an impression of your teeth, this will only take about 10 minutes. We will then make your mouthguard for you and it should be ready in about a week.

Contact us on 1300 AIM DENTAL to book in your mouthguard consult or request an appointment online