All of Your Teeth Whitening Questions Answered!

Are you dissatisfied with the results you are getting from your generic whitening toothpaste at home? Have you ever thought about getting your teeth professionally whitened? We get asked about teeth whitening every day, so let’s answer the most common questions we receive!

What causes tooth discolouration?
Our teeth naturally darken as we get older. But things like coffee, tea, red wine and smoking can also cause discolouration.

Am I a good candidate for whitening?
Almost everyone is, your dental practitioner will decide based on an evaluation of your teeth.

Are whitening procedures safe?
Yes! Under the supervision of a dental professional, who is trained to recognise oral pathology and who have the best knowledge to carry out your whitening procedure safely. Be careful with take home trays off the internet and remember to get a professional recommendation beforehand.

Are there any side effects?
Sometimes people may experience some mild sensitivity or gum irritation after their whitening procedure, although this usually only lasts for a day or two and your dental professional can give you some relief gel to decrease sensitivity.

What is the difference between professional whitening and retail store whitening?
Professional supervision is the key factor and having a dental screening for any contraindications to ensure your whitening procedure is carried out safely. Professional whitening generally has higher strength whitening agents for better results.

What are the different types of professional whitening?
There are two main types of teeth whitening, in-chair whitening that is carried out at the dental practice or take-home whitening which can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

In-chair teeth whitening takes approximately 2 hours and the results are instant! The treatment is carried out in stages so the dental professional can check the whitening progress and monitor results. You also receive a personalised take-home kit to maintain your results at home.

You will still need to see a dental professional for a screening and evaluation, before receiving a personalised take home whitening kit. Although home teeth whitening takes a little longer and the results are slightly more variable, this is a safe and cost-effective way of whitening your teeth in your own home.

How long will my whitening results last?
It depends on your diet and lifestyle; everyone’s teeth are different. Here are things you can do to help keep your smile staying brighter for longer:
• Good oral hygiene
• Avoid staining foods/drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine
• Avoid smoking
• Favour non staining foods/drinks such as bananas, creamy pasta and potatoes
• Regular dental examination and cleans

What if I feel like my teeth are not as white?
Don’t worry! With every professional in chair whitening procedure, you get personalised take home whitening trays! If you notice your smile is not as bright, you can just top it up!
We recommend using your personalised take home whitening trays a minimum of every 6 months, after your regular check and clean appts. This way we can remove any build-up and revaluate your teeth beforehand.

What if I have had previous work done to my teeth?
If you have had a filling, crown, root canal or any other dental procedure, this could impact your whitening results! Artificial materials do no whiten and you may need to have these replaced to match your new bright smile. Your dental professional will let you know this at your screening appointment beforehand.

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