We are an Accredited Practice.

“Accreditation provides quality and performance assurance for consumers. Achieving Accreditation demonstrates a commitment to the provision of excellent dental care and continuous quality improvement within the practice environment.” – Quality Innovation Performance.

What does this mean?

Being an accredited dental practice means we have successfully met the requirements against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS). These standards harmonise regulatory requirements which are passed down by both Federal and State governments. Practices who are accredited must be able to demonstration excellent organisation, customer service delivery, quality improvement processes and staff and patient safety.

Why is this important?

Continuous improvement has underpinned our philosophy and company culture. Since we established ourselves in 2004, we have been committed to safety and improvement for our staff and patients. We aim to foster a culture of quality and create a more systemic approach to quality performance.

Accreditation increases our capabilities and provides confidence to our consumers and stakeholders in the services we are providing.

“Educating and engaging a health service’s team in the process of quality improvement can build a culture of quality among staff.” – Quality Innovation Performance.

This accreditation, together with the creation of our practice framework, empowers us to achieve our vision and to work collaboratively towards our strategic priorities of innovation, social impact and patient care.

If you would like to find out more about the accreditation of our practice, please contact us for more information.