How to keep yourself entertained at home during isolation

If you’re stuck at home and decluttering just isn’t for you at the moment we have put together a list of things you can be doing during your time at home. There’s a world to explore from your lounge and many things are free. Whether you’re self isolating, or practising social distancing, we’ve got something for you and the family!

  • Download a fitness app- Nike has free workouts here 
  • Set the kids up with yoga on the ipad in the lounge room
  • Download TikTok and learn a dance- no one is watching anyway!!
  • Start a vegetable or herb garden
  • Spy on the animals at Melbourne zoo!
  • Have a busy bee in your backyard
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Take the dog for a walk- if they haven’t already been three times!
  • Learn a language with the help of Duolingo 
  • Have a zoom breakfast date 
  • Paint your bedroom or the kids rooms
  • Colouring books aren’t just for kids- check these out

Whatever you do to pass the time, try and see the positive in that we are being forced to slow down and enjoy time at home with our families.

All we can do is follow the public health guidelines we’ve been given to slow the rate of community transmission, and know that no matter how stressful and terrible the situation feels now, this too shall pass.