‘Great Beginnings’ to a Healthy Smile!

Maddington children can smile that much brighter thanks to our early preventative initiative with Great Beginnings in Kenwick.

We started this partnership with Great Beginnings Childcare 2 years ago whereby we see enrolled children aged 3 to 5 for regular check-ups and dental hygiene education.

Through this initiative Aim Dental helps kids to feel comfortable with the dental environment and teaches good dental habits for life, we’re also able to identify any problems early. After a check-up at Aim Dental, the Great Beginnings children are given a showbag to take home, which includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and stickers.

The rate of tooth decay in kids is increasing in Australia, with thousands of young children admitted to hospital to treat tooth decay every year, making it the country’s highest case of preventable hospital stays. We love that Great Beginnings Kenwick are just as committed as we are to establishing good health habits early on in life.

We are always exploring new ways of giving back and Aim Dental and Great Beginnings are both really committed to making our communities healthier and happier.