Dental Treatment and Pregnancy

How to look after your teeth and gums whilst being pregnant

It is normal to be cautious when you’re pregnant, you want your baby as safe as possible. It can be hard to know right from wrong with all the different articles, advice and opinions online and general day to day life. Professionally it is good news, it is SAFE to have dental work done whilst you are pregnant. It is recommended and it is much better for your baby and your overall health. Any infections in the mouth including gum disease can be a risk in pregnancy.

Whilst pregnant there are many hormonal changes that can make your gums more prone to swelling and tenderness. It can be easy to ignore any gum issues however, it may be a sign of the initial stages of gum disease. Maintaining you teeth and gum health at home and coming in for regular 6 month check ups and clean can help prevent gum disease developing.

If you need further dental treatment, this can sometimes be delayed until after the baby is born. Although, it is important to first discuss this with your Dentist as they will be able to determine the urgency of any treatment that is required.

 Are x-rays safe during pregnancy?

Depending on your dental issues, as with dental treatment you may be able to delay x-rays until after your baby is born. Nevertheless, your oral health is important for the well-being of yourself, and your baby. Modern, digital x-rays are safer than in the past as minimal radiation is used. However, we will only take x-rays while you’re pregnant if absolutely necessary.


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