Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is very common and nothing to be ashamed of. Many people put up with a great deal of pain from their gums and teeth, in order to avoid visiting the Dentist. Skipping your regular dental check-ups means that you may miss out on detecting issues early, which can lead to more extensive and costly treatment in the long term.

We understand that dental visits are a serious concern for some patients, and it is important to be aware of the different options available to you, in order to put yourself at ease.

Some methods for controlling dental anxiety include;

  • Communication– communication between yourself and your dentist is very important in overcoming dental fears. You are welcome to voice any of your concerns to your Dentist. It may help if you ask them to talk you through the treatment as they perform it.
  • Medication– sometimes pre-sedative medication can be taken an hour before an appointment to help you with relaxation, this should be something you discuss with your Dentist in your initial appointment.
  • Happy gas– an option for more severe anxiety is to use nitrous oxide (happy gas) during treatment. This is an analgesic, that will relax you during treatment. Let your Dentist know if you are considering this as an option.
  • IV Anaesthesia– when all other options have been explored with no success, intravenous anaesthesia allows patients to be almost, but not quite, asleep throughout the whole procedure. This option requires an advance booking as it needs to be administered and monitored by a specialist aneasthesist.

We’ll look after you.

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