Sedation Dentistry Perth

If you struggle with anxiety or have a phobia about visiting the dentist, then sleep dentistry is for you. Twilight sedation, also known as sleep dentistry, is the use of IV (intravenous) drugs to induce a deeply relaxed state.

Although you remain semi-conscious during the procedure, you won’t be bothered by anything, nor will you remember anything afterwards. Twilight sedation is not general anaesthesia and does not carry the same level of risk. We engage a fully qualified medical anaesthetist to administer the IV sedative and monitor your wellbeing throughout the entire procedure.

A milder alternative to twilight sedation is inhalation sedation. “Laughing gas” is used to induce a relaxed and sometimes euphoric state during the procedure. Either option will aid in reducing stress or discomfort, especially if you are having several dental procedures done at once.

Keep calm and try our sedation dentistry services

Does visiting the dentist make you anxious or nervous? Try out one of our sleep dentistry options on your next appointment! Our staff will do their best to give you a comfortable and pain free experience. Contact Aim Dental Group today to book in at one of our four clinics, based in Woodvale, Innaloo, Maddington, and Merredin.