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Expert Dental Maintenance from Perth’s Friendly Dentists

Good dental hygiene is extremely important if you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Every time you eat or drink, bacteria in your mouth gets to work, so it pays to brush regularly and visit the dentist for a check-up, scale and clean every six months.

Studies are increasingly showing a link between oral health and general health as the join between the gums and the teeth provides direct access to the bloodstream.

At Aim Dental Group, we call our check-up and clean visit an ‘active maintenance visit’, because we do so much more than just a scale and clean. From advising you about correct home care, to completing a thorough examination mouth and surrounding tissues, we offer an in-depth dental check-up service with multiple benefits.

With both an experienced dentist and dental hygienist at hand during your check-up and teeth cleaning appointment, you can expect professional input which will ultimately improve your smile and general health.

Benefits of your active maintenance visit

Once our dentist has taken a full medical history from you, the next stage is the practical examination, where they’ll look for anything unusual about your teeth, gums, and jaw joints. This will highlight any obvious issues, such as cavities or growths, as well as reveal the overall condition of your gums. The dentist will also take intra-oral photos so you can see what they observed during the exam.

If any dental problems are identified, your dentist will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan, including discussion of the cost and the pros and cons of what’s involved. A teeth cleaning will follow, complete with fluoride treatment to remove tartar and help prevent tooth decay. A polish is the final part of this process.

At Aim Dental Group, we believe prevention is better than cure, so our advice on good oral hygiene is an extremely important part of your active maintenance visit. We’ll explain how best to look after your teeth and gums, and will even give you a take-home pack, including the essentials in oral health maintenance.

If we need to take X-rays, they will be used to detect if any of the following issues are present:

•  Hidden cavities e.g. under gums or between teeth
•  Bone loss from gum disease
•  Trapped/impacted teeth e.g. wisdom teeth
•  Misshapen tooth roots
•  Infections
•  Problems with the jawbone

Book a dental check-up and teeth cleaning appointment today

If you come to Aim Dental Group, we’ll reserve an active maintenance appointment for you every six months to ensure you never miss out on this essential care. To book a dental check-up and teeth cleaning appointment, please contact one of our practices in Perth to schedule a time.